Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Was that Francis Ford Coppola at La Bombonera?

Yes, it was. The legendary film director recently came out of "retirement" to direct the forthcoming film Youth Without Youth, based on the novel by Romanian writer/philosopher/religious historian Mircea Eliade (he was also a member of the anti-Semitic fascist party the Iron Guard during the 1930s), and has recently been in Argentina readying his new film, Tetro. The film, starring Zoetrope vet Matt Dillon, has been described as a family saga focusing on Italian immigrants in the country.

But when he's not working, Coppola obviously likes to take in a little Boca Juniors at the infamous La Bombonera. Nestled in his box--with Maradona, Tevez, and whoever else not far away--Coppola sure did pick a great night to watch Buenos Aires' most popular club (Calm down River fans! Calm down!) as they trounced Gremio 3-0 in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores. Boca's first goal, courtesy of forward Rodrigo Palacio (the kid with the rat tail), wasn't pretty (and was offside) but it managed to turn the screw enough to put the pressure on Gremio. But in the second half Boca dazzled when playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme blasted in a free kick from about 30 yards out. Gremio player Sandro Goiano was sent off with a red in the 59th after he kicked Boca's Ever Banega in what looked like the chin-neck area but what has been reported as the stomach. I need glasses, I guess. Maybe I should be a ref. Boca lowered Gremio's coffin in the 89th when Pablo Ledesma sent in a crazy header... and I sure hope Coppola felt a little shiver of inspiration as the fans, fireworks, and flares helped cast the runes toward a cup title.

The second leg of the final will be played in Porto Alegra next Wednesday night.

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