Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Timbers v AC Milan at PGE Park Tonight!

It may only be the AC Milan U-21 squad, but many of the young players have already played for the main team--you know, that little group of guys that beat Liverpool in the Champions League final a few weeks back! And many more of the players will surely be playing for the main team in the years to come... or with some other European club. As the cliched sports saying goes, These are the stars of tomorrow!

The advertising for this friendly match has been dreadful, so Portlanders, you need to fill the stands (after downing a couple pints of your fave microbrew, of course) and root (LOUDLY!) for our lads. It's really as simple as that. Beer, cheers, and victory!

You may never get another opportunity to see a team such as this in P-town. Game starts at 7:00.

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