Friday, June 22, 2007

Thierry Henry Joins Barca!

My head is spinning. Last year when Arsenal's captain was rumored to be going to Barcelona to join up with Ronaldinho, Eto'o and the lads, I was ecstatic and confident that he'd do it. Then the Gunners lost to Barca in the final of the Champions League and the deal was kaput. Forever.

But the rumors have been swirling around again the last few weeks, though I figured the sleek and deft Henry would actually just end up staying at Arsenal for another year instead of going to Barcelona or Milan.

Wrong again. Henry has joined up with the Catalan team for the next four years. Oh yeah, my head is spinning. You can read a lot more about the trade at the Guardian. More later....


linda said...

My head is spinning too. Not sure how to feel about this. I wonder if the squad still remembers him calling them women after the CL final? :-)

Nah, hopefully there won't be any problems. At first glance it seems a bit too much of a galactico signing, but we did need a striker.

Derek said...

I went from head spinning to fear to caution to optimism. There was so much criticism about the team being bloated this past season (which I don't really agree with despite the over-sized ego of certain... *cough*, Eto'o, *cough*... players) and it was hard to ignore the Galactico comparisons/fears, but I'm happy about it. Though I'm curious as to what the formation will be and how Eto'o and Henry will work together.

Guess Laporta is serious about winning the league, Europe, and whatever else comes their way.

That's right, we're coming for you Getafe!

Derek said...

Yeah, Henry would hate us around these parts since his "I am not a woman" comment gets a lot of laughter/mileage from us. Not one of his more classy moments.