Thursday, June 21, 2007

Barcelona Blues

As is no doubt obvious, we here at apm have all been a bit too depressed at how the La Liga season went down in the end to say much about it. But you can find a series of fantastic season-end writeups over at The Beautiful Game. And if you are a Barca fan, you simply must bookmark this English-language FC Barcelona blog, where you can read everything from news on their basketball team to rumors passed on by taxi drivers and key cutters.

It looks like Eto'o, Ronaldinho, and Rijkaard will all be staying on next season, just as they've been insisting they'd do all along (imagine!). Let's hope everyone is better-rested and uninjured and that personal problems get ironed out. Some random final observations about the season: you certainly couldn't beat the last couple of weekends for drama. It might have been best had Sevilla won, because a Barca victory would have meant the Messi handball just would not have gone away. Derek has almost succeeded in convincing me, by the way, that Messi nobly took on the sins of the handball in an attempt to stop the far greater evil: the victory of Real Madrid. Messi=Messiah of football. I shall keep repeating this to myself until I believe it.


linda said...

Ah, but people go on and on about the Messi handball while conveniently forgetting that Van Nistelrooy had a very similar handball goal just a few rounds back. If there's any refereeing bias in La Liga, it's towards the big two. Sevilla definitely have the right to complain that they've been shafted.

I'm glad Laporta came out and said that Rijkaard, Ronnie and Eto'o would be staying. I was getting sick of the constant transfer talk.

Lynda said...

I know--I did hear that it was somewhat less blatant, but I didn't see it for myself so I have no idea if that's actually true.

I, too, was heartily sick of the transfer talk, and wasn't believing a bit of it (and would actually visit your blog for a breath of fresh air from the rumormongering), except for some of the Eto'o talk at the end. But I'm glad he's staying.

Mark Hazard said...

Was a painful end to the season without a doubt. Just when it seemed like Barça was going to do it each time Madrid was able to score again. Miserable.

At least we've got a load of new talent to look forward to in the new season.

Lynda said...

Mark--anticipating the new season has definitely taken the sting out of things. I think Barca's going to do amazing stuff in the coming year.