Friday, June 08, 2007

Timbers Beat Impact 0-1

As is wont to happen whenever the Timbers are televised this season--it ain't pretty. But the crafty Brian Jordan--a player who has quickly garnered favor with the Timbers supporters in his first season with the club--drew a foul in the box* early in the second half, resulting in an Andrew Gregor penalty kick that gave our lads the lead and ultimately the game.

Nerve-wracking stuff for large portions--there were some unseemly keeper gaffes courtesy of Wicks throughout--but Scot Thompson (as usual) held the back line nicely and helped keep Montreal from scrounging up any points in their home, no doubt ruining an otherwise beautiful Friday evening (at least it looked that way on the TV) for their fans.

I shed no tears. I've had my share of beautiful nights ruined at the feet of opposing teams stealing a victory from our lads at PGE Park. It was nice to see us do the same whether that penalty was just or not.

The Timbers play again tomorrow against Rochester before returning home for the big AC Milan U-20 friendly on June 19th at PGE Park.

EDITED TO ADD: the Timbers will actually be playing an away game on Tuesday June 12th against the Bakersfield Brigade as part of the US Open Cup.

* dived

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