Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Copa Libertadores Final--Boca Juniors v Gremio

We've been remiss here at apm in covering the prestigious South American Copa Libertadores Cup--an equal to the European Champions League, though even more wild, unruly, and exciting, I think--this season, even though last year we had plenty of fun watching it here, here, and here. Not sure why that is, though other writing gigs, commitments, and simply other football matches have surely added to the distractions. It happens and we certainly aren't whining about it. Personally, I think having the reigning champs, Brazil's Internacional, booted out in the group stages sort of put a damper on things. Although the team this year was a far cry from the team that hoisted up the trophy for the first time ever last summer, I'm sort of fond of captain Fernandao and the youngster Alexandre Pato a.k.a. The Duck! The kid is going to go places, just watch. I wouldn't be surprised if a Spanish club scampered away with him this summer, though I think he wants to go to Italy. Anyway, he's a talent to watch.

But for tonight... you can watch Argentina's Boca (with the enigmatic Riquelme weaving the tempo in the midfield like a deep spell... or not. It all depends on his mood!) battle it out with Brazil's Gremio in the first leg of the final. The game airs on Fox Sports en Espanyol at 5:30 p.m. Pacific time. Should be a great game and you can read a little teaser from the Guardian here.

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