Tuesday, June 26, 2007

apm... properly chastised

I may have been a little too low key for my own good on Sunday after the Mexican v USA match. But hey, I was a little bruised and well... vulnerable after watching Mexico blow the lead, lose the momentum, and fall back while the US team did the complete opposite. It was a great game and I should have extolled the virtues of Benny Feilhaber's blistering volley more than the quasi-footnote I relegated it to. It certainly deserved more.

Wise over at local sports blog site True Fan certainly thought it deserved more than a toss-off comment, too. And he's right, because Feilhaber's goal did have that special kick-ass coup de grace feel to it, much like when West Ham's Yossi Benayoun chipped in that monstrously powerful shot against Fulham in January of 2006, the same game where Anton Ferdinand added his own name to best goals of the year with that swivel-volley.

I have been properly chastised.


wise said...

uh oh, you may now have invoked my victim complex with my beloved Fulham, too!

i'll save that one for another time, though. :) cheers!

Lynda said...

Wise: No worries, I have a low-key, mostly secret affection for Fulham, for reasons that remain, let's say, inexplicable to certain other members of apm. Actually, it is kind of inexplicable to me too, but there it is. But you need not worry about encountering any Fulham-bashing in these parts (provided that my having said that doesn't invoke legions of Fulham-haters to the comments section here).