Sunday, May 28, 2006

want to watch the world cup amidst like-minded zealots?

Here are some local places where you can:

KELL'S (112 SW 2nd Ave, 503-227-4057) -- all games!

COSTELLO'S TRAVEL CAFFE (2222 NE Broadway, 503-287-0270) -- not open for 6 am games but those will be replayed at 6 pm the same evening.

THE MOON AND SIXPENCE (2014 NE 42nd, 503-288-7802) -- unconfirmed. Call first.

PIAZZA ITALIA (1129 NW Johnson, 503-478-0619) -- waitress uncertain. Call first.

HORSE BRASS PUB (4534 SE Belmont, 503-232-2202)

THE BAKERY BAR (1028 SE Water Ave, 503-546-8110) -- closed Sundays, but may open for games, depending on demand.

REDWING COFFEE AND BAKING (1700 SE 6th Ave, 503-445-9900) -- all games!

THIRSTY LION PUB (71 SW 2nd Ave, 503-222-2155)

MARATHON TAVERNA (1735 W. Burnside, 503-224-1341) -- all games!

Updates will be posted as new information arises. Many thanks to Zach and Eleven Devils for the leads...


Derek said...

I've been told that Nob Hill Bar & Grill--937 NW 23rd Ave, 503-274-9616--may have the games on, and if not, just ask and they'll switch one over.

Idler said...

Great information!

Anybody know fanatics in Eugene? I'm looking for information on venues there as well.

Derek said...

I'm sorry, off-hand I don't know of any places down your way, but there's got to be some place showing games. I'll try and find out, though.

Derwyn said...

I just spoke with Portland Indoor soccer and they are going to be showing many of the games. Nothing posted yet. I called and they offered to email me the list, as well it will be posted at the venue. Not sure if they will get it posted to thier website.

Lynda said...

I just posted an update to this listing here.