Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Highbury R.I.P.

This past Sunday the Gunners played their final home match (they won 4-2) at the famed 93 year-old Highbury stadium. The legendary grounds will be converted into apartments and the team will move to nearby Ashburton Grove next season. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to visit this classic urban stadium, so I've been enjoying reading up on all of the Highbury lore.

You can read a match report of the Arsenal vs Wigan game here; ex-Gunner Charlie George takes you on a tour of the stadium where he made his name here; a gaggle of supporters give you the skinny on their fave Highbury moments here; and a local Timbers supporter recently got a chance to see the Gunners and Tottenham battle it out for the last time on the grounds, and you can read his tale here.


Ghost Dog said...

Arsenal.com of course has some great Highbury Farewell stuff. I wish I'd been a fan for longer. It's kind of a shame I only got to see a few home games on TV. I was starting to like the place, what little of it you get to see on TV.

Derek said...

Highbury seemed like the quintessential medium-sized urban stadium. The stands were close to the pitch and not a bad view in the place.