Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Champions League Half

A very strange match thus far--most significantly, Jens Lehmann sent off twenty minutes in for taking Samuel Eto'o down, while Barca is denied the goal they scored in spite of his tackle. Sending Lehmann off was, I believe, the wrong decision (not to mention I believe that the Barca goal should have stood!) and much to my surprise, I actually felt sorry for him. This does, however, underscore my main objection to Jurgen Klinsmann's decision to favor him over Oliver Kahn for the World Cup squad: I do not believe Lehmann has the temperament for World Cup (we here at a pretty move have been known to refer to him as "Preston Burpo" in fond memory of the former Seattle Sounders hothead keeper and all around bad guy) and in fact predicted last night that he would be sent off during that tournament. I didn't expect to see my prophecy fulfilled so quickly; perhaps (I'm not counting on it) it will temper his World Cup persona. Replacement keeper Manuel Almunia is performing well so far, minus the Burpo-like aggro.

Thus far I must admit that both offensively and defensively Arsenal is outplaying Barca, who can't seem to find their rhythm. Having said that, the free kick that netted Sol Campbell a goal for Arsenal was a result of a completely bullshit call, a clear dive on the part of Emmanuel Eboue.

And finally, judging from the handshaking, back-patting, and all-around friendliness on the pitch between Thierry Henry and the Barca players, I'm starting to believe the rumors of a move to Barca. I'm of two minds about this: on the one hand, I would, of course, love to see Henry in Barca colors. On the other hand, I do believe he's great for Arsenal, and, as Bobby McMahon said on FSC news the other night, good for the Premiership in general.

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