Monday, May 15, 2006

Never Get Off the Boat

Talk about a rough weekend for the Portland Timbers. Two games in three days--against Miami and Puerto Rico--and two frustrating losses. Yesterday's match against the Puerto Rico Islanders was painful to endure. I was at work following it on the computer with my co-worker and a pretty move compatriot Lisa, and we could both feel the bruises welling darkly from way across the country. As we followed the live match report online it was obvious the team should've never gotten off the boat, as Captain Willard would have said. By the end of the first half Puerto Rico had a 3-0 lead and it appeared as if our boys were in need of some serious soul-searching before the torrent of abuse resumed. Thankfully, the Timbers came out aggressive in the second half and the team--especially Hugo, Troy Ready, and Byron "Superstar" Alvarez--tried to rectify the damage done (Alvarez scored from an Edwin Miranda pass in the 67th minute). But the cauterization wasn't strong or fast enough and Portland went down again 3-1. Scot Thompson was still out because of the injury he received on Friday against Miami and forward Mamba Chisoni and flash midfielder Alejandro Gutierrez were unable to play because of visa regulations.

Get some rest, lads, and we'll see you Friday night at home against Rochester.

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