Monday, May 08, 2006

Timbers vs Thunder

On the heels of Friday night's 1-1 draw against Vancouver, the Timbers rose to the occasion on Saturday beating the Minnesota Thunder 2-1. Midfielder Alejandro Gutierrez (new to the Timbers) scored a penalty kick in the 31st minute after forward Chad Bartlome went down in the box, but Minnesota came back in the first-half stoppage time with a listless yet psychically bruising goal that triggered flashbacks of the Timbers' tendency last season to give up the lead. But Troy Ready's shot in the 69th minute managed to be the game winning one and helped erase the previous night's encouraging yet mildly disappointing result, though I can't remember experiencing (at a live match) a more distressing or brutally long second-half stoppage time before.

Over all, though, the Timbers' performance over the weekend would have to be deemed a success and a harbinger for better more creative play. Sure the newfound speed and flair (primarily courtesy of Gutierrez) can also go against them at moments (dig those crazy poor crosses), but this is a re-energized team that also hasn't had the proper prep time needed to make the squad balance things out from the get-go. But I think Agnello and the lads are on to something good.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually see Ready's goal. Too nervous leading up to it--and hoping that I could somehow mysteriously help the cause--I fled 107 to take a bathroom break and alas I heard the crowd erupt into applause in celebration. The other person in the john--a completely wasted fellow propped over his sink of sick--groggily exclaimed, "They scored! Oh man, they scored!" That they did, my mysterious friend. And perhaps it was your sacrifice (not my own cowardly bladder) that propelled the team to victory. And though I wish you no ill will, may you drink to excess and vomit all over the place for many games to come.


Chigger Christ said...

Alejandro is a home-wrecker, with his long flowing mane and gittin'-jiggy-wid-it style. He's stealing Lynda from Josh! Lynda, he's all FLASH! Sure he'll put the moves on you, but will he defend you with ever fiber of his body?

Lynda said...

And alas, in missing Saturday's match you didn't get to see how his fancy footwork tricked the keeper just before he drove the ball past him!

No, I cannot choose a favorite (because then wherefore Hugo, Byron, and Scot with one T?)--JS is a superkeeper who deserves to be starting in the MLS (and maybe I'd watch regularly if he did). And this year, he seems to even have a strong defense backing him up!

Anonymous said...

i think Alejandro is one of the most explosive players i have ever played and he has a good vision on the field.He has a good strike on the ball and one day he will be on a MLS team.

Derek said...

Yeah, I really like Alejandro so far. I'll have to watch him a few more times to get a better sense of what he can do (and what he can't), but I'm impressed with what I saw last week. Nothing wrong with a little FLASH.