Saturday, May 13, 2006

Soccer Miscellany

There's been a lot of startling and interesting football news over the last few days, from Sven Eriksson's disastrous--okay, perhaps it wont be a disaster but it sure does boggle all common sense--selection of hyped unknown prospect Theo Walcott into the forefront of England's World Cup squad to the real disaster waging havoc in Italy's already troubled Serie A league--a match-fixing scandal that grows more ominous by the day. We'll hopefully comment at length about the above topics within the next couple of days, but until then . . . .

Looks like Barca midfielder/striker/magic imp Giuly isn't the only one gifted with the phone or the gab. All-around dynamo Ronaldinho likewise speaks with Arsenal's equally brilliant Thierry Henry on the horn and you can read more about the possibility of Henry's move to Barcelona here.

Remember the New York Cosmos from the old NASL days? You know, the team that brought Pele to America, as well as superstars Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Giorgio Chinaglia, and Johan Neeskens, among others? Well, there's a new documentary about to hit screens this summer chronicling the glorious rise and fall of the team and you can read more about it here.

The Guardian also started their so-far excellent World Cup podcast this week and you can check that out here.

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