Sunday, June 11, 2006

We're Still Number Two!

Portland Timbers went 0-0 with a tough Vancouver Whitecaps side that was considerably less exciting than Sweden v. Trinidad & Tobago's nil-nil result earlier in the day, but what 0-0 match isn't? The crowd was understandably somewhat subdued--it was, after all, only my fourth match in approximately 36 hours, but some were doubtless heading into their sixth--but we did mount enough enthusiasm to carry a chant honoring former Timbers defender Brent "SAN-CHO! SAN-CHO! SAN-CHO!" for his outstanding performance with the T&T national squad. Go here for match report and photos, including the controversial Whitecaps goal that wasn't (I say it was, but you didn't hear it from me, and anyway, consider it karmic payback for bad calls that went against us in the past).

No more home games for three weeks now, which is a bit of a relief as we turn our focus exclusively to Germany for a while. In the meantime, Timbers play on the road against Montreal, Minnesota, Rochester, and Vancouver again and hopefully return home with more points than they know what to do with. And typing that last sentence suddenly leads me to wonder: how come all the other USL squads (with the exception of Puerto Rico) are named for their cities of origin except the Minnesota Thunder, who get to claim a whole state as their stomping ground?

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