Thursday, June 15, 2006

a pretty move makes some predictions

Now that the first round is over and we've seen (or at least heard about) the performances of all the squads thus far, who do we predict to go through to the round of sixteen? Let's see how thoroughly we can embarrass ourselves. Lisa wisely declined to state on groups where she felt she hadn't seen enough of the teams; this same condition was no impediment to either Derek or me in mouthing off about our opinions.

Group A:
This one's a giveaway, Germany and Ecuador of course.

Group B:
England and Trinidad & Tobago - all of us

Group C:
Argentina and Netherlands - Derek
Argentina and Ivory Coast - Lynda
decline to state - Lisa

Group D:
Mexico and Portugal - Derek and Lisa
Mexico and Iran - Lynda

Group E:
Italy and Czech Republic - all of us

Group F:
Brazil and Australia - Derek, Lisa
Brazil and Croatia - Lynda

Group G:
Switzerland and Korea - Derek, Lynda
decline to state - Lisa

Group H:
Spain and Tunisia - all of us

Check comments field for our remarks on our choices.


Lynda said...

Group B - I think Derek and Lisa just feel sorry for me (see next entry), but I'll take the show of support

Group C - Except for Argentina, tough call all around. I really have no idea who will go through with them.

Group D - Going way out on a limb, especially since I haven't seen Portugal play. Mostly I just think it would be more interesting if Iran went through.

Group F - picking Croatia over Australia because I believe they are technically more skilled, but Australia could overwhelm them. Sorry, Blue Samurai--better luck next cup!

Group G - because team France appears to be coming apart at the seams

Derek said...

Group B - I feel sorry for Lynda.

Group C - I'm conflicted about this one. Argentina no doubt will go through. The Netherlands inched out of the grouping for me though I wouldn't be shocked or mind if Ivory Coast flaunted their orange into the knockout stage.

Group F - Again, on the fence. Australia only because they seem so hard-nosed and scrappy that they'll fight tooth and nail to the end. But I could also see Croatia taking them down. I'd like that, I think, but I'm still staking my bet on the Socceroos

Group G - France is going to self-destruct again. Switzerland gave them such a hard time in their game and I simply see them holding it together better.

Group H - I'm a fool for saying this, but after watching yesterday's euphoric win over Sheva and company, I'm thinking Spain is gonna go all the way. Damn their years of underperforming!

I reserve the right to change my mind about any of these at a moment's notice.

Derek said...

Okay, I changed my mind. Argentina is going to win the Cup! Watching their two games so far and they've impressed me in every way. They have so much depth and their bench is as strong as the starters.

It's been said that Brazil and Argentina both can't do well at the World Cup. After watching Brazil's good though mediocre performance against Croatia and Argentina's impressive results, I'd say Brazil may not be getting its sixth title just yet.

But it's still too early to tell.

Lynda said...

Okay, so much for my Group C prediction (we'll see what else I got wrong), but damn! Netherlands and Cote d'Ivoire--now that's what I call football match!

Lisa said...

OK, here goes:

Group B: I have many sentimental reasons to pick T&T (aside from their inspired performances). I spent two weeks there as a teenager. Sancho once played for Portland. Plus I feel sorry for Lynda.

Group C: Definitely Argentina--and, yes, I prefer Spain, but I will cheer heartily if Argentina takes the whole shooting match, which they just may (Sven, take note: four brilliant forwards in a single game. What a startling idea). And this will look like cheating after today's match, but I swear I was going to go with Holland before. I really was. Again, for sentimental reasons, since, watching the 1974 Cup highlights, I broke my heart over Cruyff and the men in orange.

Group D: I love Portugal. I can't wait to see Deco play.

Group F: In spite of my ambivalence, I'll be sorely disappointed if the Socceroos bow out early. I harbor a weird fascination with them.

Group G: Still nothing to report. I plead lack of cable plus lack of car which limits my viewing to bars and coffeehouses, which is expensive and wearying to the feet.