Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do the Crouch!

Peter Crouch's bizarre goal celebration (even better to watch if you can actually see it in the course of the match itself, so track down someone who taped the whole game) during the England v Hungary friendly has now apparently sparked something of a dance craze across the pond.

It's been a long time since I saw something so funny that I only have to think of it to collapse into a laughing fit. I don't think Crouch was trying to be cool; I think he revealed a great self-deprecating sense of humor by goofing about like that.


Anonymous said...

Check out thse guys 'Doing the Crouch'!!

Do The Crouch!!

Natalie said...

Last weekend he did that robotic dance again during another match, scoring several times. How do I know? The front page of every newspaper here in England, that’s how…

That sort of thing is funny, but really far and few between the boring stuff that is football, really.

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Lynda said...

Oh, right, Lisa and I are actually men in disguise, because as we all know, men love sports and women just want to shop and watch "chick flicks"! Har, har, nothing's funnier than the battle of the sexes, is it? Just like at this hotel (warning for footie fans: that link not for the faint of heart.) Frankly, I'd rather eat ground glass than sit through your proposed viewing schedule of Desperate Housewives, Friends, and Sex and the City...and I know more than a few men who'd happpily eschew sporting events and join them...but hey, each to his own.

What a bunch of stereotyping gender-typing shite. What decade are you people living in anyway? Jesus. Me and my vagina will spend the next month reveling in the beautiful game, thank you very much.

wodge said...

In a interview the Crouchster did before England's first World Cup, he said he was already a bit sick of it. :-)

There's already a few tracks to acompany the dance!