Wednesday, June 14, 2006

puyol is like a god to me

I indulge in hyperbole, but not much. Did you see that 81st-minute run? Did you SEE that? Gorgeous. That goal belongs to Puyol more than to Torres. If you didn't watch the match, fast-forward to the 80th minute...No, don't. Watch the whole thing. It's fast and spirited, an attacking game from beginning to end. These Spaniards are interacting as smoothly and well as--well, as Brazilians. Better, I think, than our beloved Brazilian "orchestra" as seen against Croatia: not quite up to its normal sky-high standards, although not by any stretch failing.

These Spaniards, these Spaniards have stolen my heart. What a defense! With Casillas and Ramos and Puyol in the back, you have no worries; all you have to think about is attacking. And attack they did, continually, smoothly, victoriously. It's too bad about that red card (Vashchuk at the 47th minute, for bringing down Torres in the box, but in replay it looks like there's no real foul there at all), as it mars an otherwise lovely win.

Further confession: you know the ad with the kids? ("Jugamos?" "Si." "Cisse." "Kaka." etc) I pause to watch it every single time. I can't get enough of it. And how many times have we seen it now? One hundred? Two?

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