Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well. At least we didn't lose.

I can't quite figure out how it happens that a 2-2 draw ends up feeling like a loss, particularly given that the Timbers fought back from being 0-2 down against those arch-villains, the Seattle Sounders, a feat for which they are to be commended. Ah, hell, I do know why: the football we witnessed last night was mostly dire. As a faithful supporter commented to us regretfully at the half, "This is not the beautiful game," and Eleven Devils can tell you all the reasons why. Add to that the dispiriting sight of Hugo Alcarez-Cuellar in Sounders gear, that shameful abomination of a so-called "pitch" exposed for all to see on the Fox Soccer broadcast of the match (I believe "scorched-earth" was the word I used), the terrifying, zombie-fied rise of YSA as folks in the stand grew drunker and somewhat nastier-tempered (I may or may not have dubbed some particularly garrulous, aggro neighbors "The Profane Ladies' Sewing Circle"), and the fact that in order to receive a yellow, a Seattle player presumably has to shank a Timber, or perhaps behead him and carry his head round the "pitch" on a corner flagpost--it all added up to something rather anticlimactic.

Still, there are bright spots, and this young Bryan Jordan is certainly one of them. And the Timbers have a chance to redeem themselves against the Rochester Raging Rhinos tomorrow night at 6 pm.

As always, a fine analysis from Bob and pics and video clips from Allison.

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