Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Miracle at Old Trafford

Allow me to state for the record that it is my comrades here at apm who are the West Ham fans, not me, and they have not coerced me into writing this post. However, with the exception of supporters of Charlton, Watford, and especially Sheffield United--to whom I offer condolences, and for whom any degree of garment-rending, accusation-spewing, and conspiracy-mongering is perfectly understandable--it is difficult for me to imagine anyone watching the final few matches and the heartrending conclusion of the West Ham United Soap Opera this past season and still insisting that justice would reign supreme in the footballing world if the final verdict for the team were delivered amid a flurry of legalese. To one who would say the FA should send the Hammers down--I can only respond that you, sir, are no true football fan, or at least not the kind I want to know.

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