Thursday, May 10, 2007

Timbers Defeat Necaxa in Friendly

Last night's friendly match at PGE Park made for a splendid evening, especially since our hometown lads scored a fabulous goal in the 46th minute--courtesy of newcomer Bryan Jordan--which was ultimately enough to take the 1-0 win over the Mexican squad. The Timbers looked good, I thought, and I was impressed with Tommy Poltl's play in the midfield and Josh Wicks's decisive saves at goal, of which there were more than a few. The U-21 Necaxa squad, who've been on a West Coast tour the last week or so, were persistent and a bit nasty at times, but the match was lively and it was fantastic to see the stadium filled with enthusiastic Hispanic supporters to mix and challenge the boozy chants and roars elevating from the North End. Some 7,761 (head office stat) attended the match (not bad for a Wednesday night) and I sure hope that many of the newbies that came to see Necaxa will come out again and lend some support to the Timbers. Portland play two more home games this weekend--tomorrow night against the bastardly Seattle Sounders at 8:00 (it will also be televised on Fox Soccer Channel) and again on Sunday at 6:00 against the Rochester Raging Rhinos!

Also, a big North End cheer to ex-Timber Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (sadly now playing for the Sounders this season) who slipped into the Bullpen after the match (alongside his brother who played for Necaxa) to say hello to fans, take pictures, et cetera, before fleeing to the Timbers Meet & Greet in the Pearl. You're a beloved player in Portland, Hugo, and we hope to see you wearing green and white again.

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