Saturday, April 29, 2006

Soccer Miscellany

FC Barcelona beat lowly Cadiz on Saturday 1-0 with a Ronaldinho strike in the ninth minute, almost securing the Catalans' inevitable clinch of the Primera Division crown second year in a row (18th altogether). I say almost because the clinch this weekend is predicated on whether or not second place Valencia win over Alaves tomorrow. If the downtrodden Alaves somehow manage to squirm a win away from Valancia (not very likely), then Barca get their trophy tomorrow. If not, then the Catalans will just have to wait a little longer . . . .

But perhaps the high point for Barca was the return of midfielder Xavi after being sidelined for the last five months due to a knee injury. The Spanish national player will now be fit to play in both Barca's Champions League final against Arsenal and in the World Cup in June.

Also, ever wonder what footballers enjoy reading? Check out this link from the Guardian to find out all about it. Though somehow I don't think that reading the paper every day should count for Chelsea midfielder and self-described "news junkie" Joe Cole, no matter how long he pores. Pick up a real book someday, mate. I'm sure Jose has a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" lying around in the office.

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Lynda said...

Hey, if Joe Cole's reading the newspapers that's more than our president does, by his own admission.