Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Footie at the Marathon

Two-thirds of a pretty move will be heading down to the Marathon Taverna on Wednesday to catch the second leg of the Barca/AC Milan Champions League semi-final. Should be an amazing match. We hear they love soccer at the Marathon and it's great that they're showing this game since Setanta is not exactly a readily-available channel for us mere mortals.

And tomorrow at 11:30 on ESPN 2 you can catch the second leg of the Arsenal/Villarreal match. I have to admit Villarreal's made a pretty inspiring rise from humble circumstances, and normally I am a sucker for the underdog, but my heart's with Arsenal on this one. Anyway, who wants the Champions League Cup to come down to just another La Liga match?

A final with Barca and Arsenal will be a thing of beauty indeed--two of the greatest players in the world today, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry, facing off in Paris. Nothing beats the sheer excitement and variety of World Cup, but it's in the Champions League where you are likely to see some of the finest soccer being played.

We'll be reporting back on the Marathon as a venue for footie-viewing (though we've heard nothing but praise and expect to add to that).


Chigger Christ said...

Woo hoo!!

I just wanted to be the first to comment.

You're going home in a portland ambulance!

Okay. sorry. gonna go get a cowbell now.

Lynda? Lunch Thursday?

Lynda said...

Hey, I've got a better idea! How about you call in sick to work and meet us at the Marathon tomorrow?

Kidding! We here at a pretty move wouldn't dream of suggesting that anyone shirk other duties in the pursuit of footie.