Saturday, June 12, 2010

where to watch the World Cup in Athens, Georgia: update 1

We've had some great feedback in comments and email on other places in town to watch the World Cup and are happy to report there are more of us soccerheads than we thought out there in Athens. Here's what we've learned so far. Original post on where to watch the World Cup in Athens, Georgia is here.

First of all, @UrbanHaiku has dedicated an entire blog to where to watch the World Cup in the Classic City. She's got some great suggestions I didn't know about and is updating lots, so be sure to bookmark it to keep up.

Normal Bar, on the corner of Prince and Oglethorpe, is opening early for at least the afternoon games. This new bar is an awesome, friendly little neighborhood place. The staff is super and the inside is gorgeous and they have this great-sounding summer cocktail I'm getting the next time we're there which includes Pimm's and ginger and lemon and other refreshing summery things.

From the comments, Agua Linda on Prince was open for the 9.30 Mexico match, and Anonymous reports about 17 or so people, staff and customers, turning up. We'll definitely be checking in here for a Mexico match at some point. Also, Las Conchitas, the Peruvian restaurant next door, is also believed to be showing games. (That place never seems busy, but I had lunch there once and my food was really good.)

Farm 255 is bringing a huge TV screen into the bar for the viewings and @UrbanHaiku reports that the Globe has brought in a TV for the downstairs bar.

I'm so pleased and pleasantly surprised to see many local places joining in the party with the rest of the world!

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