Saturday, May 02, 2009

Memo to Amy Lawrence

Memo to Amy Lawrence: guess you didn't see Barcelona's 2-6 man-handling of Real Madrid today. The arrogance and ignorance of the English footie press never fails to amuse me.


brett said...

What a game!

Fredorrarci said...

In fairness, she did celebrate Barcelona not so long ago.

Derek said...

brett-- Indeed. It was truly a remarkable performance and it whets the appetite for Wednesday's match with Chelsea.

Fredorrarci-- True, she did praise them. At least she's watched Barca this season... unlike some of the other English press it seems. I'm specifically thinking of, I think, it's the Times reporter from last week. Might be wrong about that, though.

I make no predictions about Wednesday's match. But Chelsea's whole anti-football performance last week was abysmal to watch.


Fredorrarci said...

I take your point. For all English football's supposed new-found cosmopolitanism, it can be embarrassingly insular, at least in the media.