Monday, July 30, 2007

Timbers Win One, Draw One

How's your voice? We seem to be doing much better today, but I sincerely hope our capos aren't auctioneers in their day jobs, or even, say, teachers, since they heroically carried on in their duties even as their their chants subsided to croaks. Our boys in green (or yellow. whatever.) have been looking a little bit tired as well, and while we fans have until next Thursday to recuperate for another match, they are off on more road trips, Seattle on Wednesday and Minnesota on Saturday.

But it was a great Timbers weekend, and we're still five points ahead in the table with a game in hand over second-place Seattle. Thursday night saw some nice shots on goal, but Atlanta keeper Ryan McIntosh made some damn good saves for a final 0-0 score. Saturday night Portland won 2-1 (we always win! two to one!) following a Timbers goal ruled offside that wasn't and a stoppage time, uh, dive maybe which led to a penalty kick and brought the scoreline where it should have been in the first place. Both goals came from new guy Matt Taylor. You can see pictures and read about Thursday's game here, and the Preston North End friendly is recapped right here.

A couple of random observations from the weekend: kudos to new owner Merritt Paulson for his continued support of the Timbers Army. After the last owner (didn't that one supposedly "love soccer"?), who stayed mysteriously hidden in, I don't know, a fortress maybe, somewhere in California, it's amazing to have an owner who comes down into the North End, shakes hands and chats with fans. This is why he gets his very own "Merr-itt Paul-son!" chant. Also, during the Saturday night half Preston North End supporters invaded our section carrying a giant flag which led to a hilarious chant-off between sides. (If you've got straight teeth clap your hands!) It's a joy, at such times, to be a football fan in the US, where the rivalries remain friendly.

And finally, the Timbers are really getting regular coverage on local television now. Highlights of the game and scorelines are actually presented as though it's an actual sport, not some embarrassing aberration. Channel 12 did a nice piece on Andrew Gregor, including an interview, last night on their Oregon Sports Final show and showed some footage of the Preston North End chant-off (without sound, alas). The one exception is channel 6's Ed Whalen, who despises soccer and always has. Thursday night's report: "The Portland Timbers played soccer for ninety minutes tonight and didn't score a single goal." And delivered with contempt: "Nothing-nothing was the score." Wake up, Ed! We're here and we're taking over! You and your soccer-hating brethren will go the way of the dinosaurs!

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Greg said...

i was going to mention the chant-off bit on 12 to you guys. I saw us all on the tube! Lin's hair was fabulous.

Oh, I also wanted to mention... i'm not sure which came first, but i'm going to assume anyway that Wickes Furniture lifted "It's a Wicks House" off the TA for their current TV commercial jingle. Thieving magpie bastards.