Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Suicide Bombers Kill Iraqi Soccer Fans

This is terrible: as joyous Iraqis--even in Kurdistan--spill into the streets to celebrate their historic Asian cup victory (they defeated South Korea and will now face Saudi Arabia in the final), suicide car bombs kill 50 and wound many more.

Every suicide bombing is tragic, of course, but the image that never fails to seize me on a visceral level in pictures of the aftermath is the sight of a kit, worn by a victim, a mourner, a traumatized passer-by, as though there can be no refuge at all. You cannot even lose yourself for the ninety minutes of watching your team move the ball up and down the pitch.

Fucking war.


Derek said...

And speaking of such things:

The Onion

: JustaDog said...

Muslims have been blowing up innocent people for many many years - far before any American troop was in Iraq.

Please put the blame on the Muslims that make and explode the bombs.

Lynda said...

I wondered how long it would take...

This is a footie blog, not a political one, so we're unlikely to approve any further political comments, particularly ones that make blanket statements about religious or ethnic groups. (And yay for the master satirists at the Onion!)

However, because the above comment needs responding to: Lots of innocent people are dying in Iraq. Some of them are killed by Americans. ("Christians," even!) Some of them are killed by terrorists, various rebel factions, etc. etc. I have no idea who was responsible for the bombs that disrupted the Asian Cup celebrations in Baghdad, but unless the US forces there have turned to suicide bombing, with a headline like "Suicide Bombers Kill Iraqi Soccer Fans" I am not sure how you extrapolated a need to reprimand me for, uh, not pointing out that in particular instance, the killing was, in fact, done by suicide bombers.

linda said...

God bless the Onion.

Wonderful post, Lynda, and bravo for your comment as well.

My favourite quote out of this whole tragic affair is the Iraqi who said he was sure that everyone would celebrate on the streets if Iraq won the final, in defiance of the suicide bombers.

Lynda said...

Thank you, Linda. And it sounds as though everyone is doing exactly as that fellow hoped, taking to the streets to celebrate. As I said in my next post, I really hope it continues without incident.