Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday To Us

A pretty move, conceived in a fever of excitement over the impending 2006 Portland Timbers season, the World Cup in Germany, and late-night, possibly drunken ramblings that kept ending on a note of "Hey, we oughta start a soccer blog!" is one year old today. Happy birthday, apm!

We've had a few changes around here since then, perhaps most notably the move of one of us to a largely soccer-free zone (we'll see her back in these parts once she's getting regular broadcasts again). It's been a fun little experiment so far and we thank everyone who's read, linked to, and commented on our idiosyncratic and erratically maintained blog.

We, uh, seem to have gone on something of an accidental hiatus recently, not for lack of interest or things to write about but mostly due to (sigh) other commitments. But the start of an exciting new season for the local Portland Timbers should see us back on track. Last night's 3-1 triumph before a crowd of nearly 8,000 was a fantastic opener and we'll be writing about that tomorrow.

In the second year of the life of a pretty move we anticipate continuing with our usual obsessions: La Liga, the Czechs, the soap opera that is West Ham, the Argentinean national team, and various other diversions. And while 2008 is a long way off, sometime around the New Year we should have some dramatic and interesting changes to our football-watching habits and coverage. Cheers!

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