Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bizarro World!

Good Lord! Has the football world gone mad overnight? After eight years of guiding Bolton till they're within spitting distance of UEFA qualifications, Big Sam Allardyce walks without warning! And that's not all. "Eccentric" (some say that's a nice word for what he is) former France national keeper Fabian Barthez is attacked by fans, trades fisticuffs, and flees town with his family! At this rate, next thing we'll learn there's some truth to the ridiculous rumor about Juventus keeper Gianluigi Buffon joining Mexican side Necaxa! Naah...


linda said...

Are you guys still cheering the Hammers on? I've got to say, it really warms my heart to see how much the Hammers fans have taken to Tevez.

Hopefully they'll stay up.

Derek said...

Absolutely! I've been meaning to write something about the Hammers and their turnaround, with Tevez being a major contributor to it. I still will, I think. But for so long we (Lisa and I) were silently wallowing in despair for the club. Everything seemed to be going wrong so quickly and it was sort of mind-numbing. But they really look like they'll stay up.

I think Tevez has rightfully earned his place as one of the legends of Upton Park. I still think he's a perfect fit for that club.