Friday, January 19, 2007

How Do You Say "Liar" in Spanish?

Real Madrid were booted out of Spain's Copa del Rey competition on Thursday at the Bernabeu, losing to a determined Real Betis squad on a 1-1 away goal aggregate. I only caught the last half-hour or so, but it was anything but a bore (unlike last week's nil-nil result between the two clubs) as the dagger-eyed galacticos assaulted the Betis keeper with a series of thunderous shots on goal, including a farcical bicycle-kick attempt by Sergio "Look, Becks, I'm wearing my hair just like you" Ramos (though it would've been pretty if it had gone in), a seemingly endless series of corner-kicks, and a header by Ivan Helguera in the 88th that was justly ruled offside. And then the party really got started--a shower of projectiles--bottles, cans, even a cell phone!--came hurtling down upon the pitch, with the linesman being hit in the elbow with something or other. He didn't look amused. Not long after, with the frustrated Madrid wonderboys realizing their luster was sloughing off at an alarming rate, their tempers hit El Clasico levels and they subsequently lost their shit. Fighting ensued between both sides, time was wasted, and all the while David Beckham sat high above the melee in the stands wondering, remembering, how to say "liar" in Spanish:,,1994002,00.html

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