Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Blame Game

Oh boy, what a last couple of days. And everyone wants to blame someone. I know I do. But who? Well, Denis Campbell from the Guardian says "blame (the) players, not refs;" Steven Gerrard says the English players "will not blame Rooney" for today's valiant fiasco; Rob Smyth says "don't blame Ronaldo" for Rooney flipping out; announcer Clive Tyldesley says don't blame him for all the crappy commentary going around; human cyclone Diego Maradona blames FIFA for giving his friend the boot before yesterday's Argentina v Germany match; and upstanding gent Shawn Levy blames Sven for England's crash and burn today, then "the ugly, jejune, nationalistic, petty, obscene, vulgar, stupid and illiterate commentary" that followed, and then simply shuts the whole damn thing down until everyone regains their composure.

Ah, the Beautiful Game . . . . Can you feel the magic?

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