Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I'll post my own idiosyncratic thoughts about the Spain v Germany match tomorrow... until then you can read Jonathan Wilson's excellent and cohesive article about the match instead.  He's spot on.  Also, German coach Joachim Low was a total gentleman after the match with his comments.  Not always the easiest thing to be.  As usual, Germany were good, difficult opponents. 

I'm more relaxed now than I was a few hours ago, but my brain is still squiggly.  But I'm happy.  Very, very happy. 


David said...

Spain v Germany was the perfect poster child match for your blog title. Don't see enough of those. I think you need a little "Sketches of Spain" music to accompany the bullfighting picture. Cheers!

derek said...

"Sketches of Spain" is the soundtrack to much of my life, David. Cheers!

Like your site, btw. RCTID!

football forums said...

Yes, you are so right