Friday, May 28, 2010

countdown to euphoria... anxiety

In exactly two weeks the 2010 World Cup will begin in South Africa.  For soccerheads, Christmas comes only once every four years.  But it lasts a month.

These two weeks are going to feel interminable, though.  It can't come fast enough.  The trick is to stay busy until kick-off... not to give into the anxiety.  That will come soon enough once the tournament begins.

So this morning, while trying to keep my mind off the fact that I have to wait yet another two weeks before the start of the matches, I came across these cool World Cup murals done by the am i collective based out of Cape Town, who were hired by Portland, Oregon ad agency Wieden + Kennedy through ESPN.  The 32 murals, inspired by wonderfully cheesy Ghanaian movie posters from the 1980s, symbolically show the respective warriors of the pitch ready to take the ultimate crown of the only game that matters.  Vanity Fair magazine also did a piece on it and you can see more of the murals here.

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