Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three Lions Support Espana!

It's almost Euro 2008 time and apm is gonna try its best to cover most of it. We can't wait, especially since we haven't been able to watch a lot of football while abroad. But hey, no complaints. We're abroad for crying out loud!

Anyway... although I have found myself tearing my hair out over the sometimes dire exploits of England's grand inflated superstars, and have wished them ill-will many a time just to... well, I guess to prove some kind of point... it does feel weird not having them around to beat up--I mean, to watch self-implode.

But supporters of the Three Lions wake up! There's another national squad that you can watch loom large for those early matches and then burn out in spectacular fashion.

The Guardian, in leading up to the tournament, has been running a series of columns with accompanying video informing England's shut-out supporters that there are options for their allegiance... at least for a month. In today's post, Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vasquez, author of The Informers, talks about why Spain should garner the favor of England fans.

This morning, while scarfing down a plate of egg, rashers of bacon, beans, toast, and tea (ah, Spain, I dearly miss you already, but I do love me my English breakfast), the morning DJ on the radio said that a majority of English fans will be following Italy for the title. That's too easy, I think. That kind of certainty is too simple, too alien for an English fan. What will the average English fan do if Italy win? How do you expect them to celebrate? A Three Lions supporter only knows hope then blistering defeat! An English fan has only seen mass celebrations, like the ones in Italy after the last World Cup, from television. They won't know what to do if Italy wins.

But they'll know how to act when Spain sputters out. That alcohol-fueled self-hate and misery will be all too familiar to a Three Lions supporter.

Support Spain, fans of England. Support another world class bunch of over-achievers who will under-achieve when their country needs them the most.

I know who I'm rooting for.


Linda said...

I have to say, though, Spain have a much better midfield (and I'm not just saying that because so many of them are made in Barcelona). :D

Derek said...

Linda! It's so great to hear from you!