Sunday, March 04, 2007

Beyond the Pitch, A Troubled World

Two Barca players talk politics and more. Defender Lilian Thuram speaks out against the cynicism of politicians on the left and right and remembers the impoverished circumstances of his youth.

On his legendary goals against Croatia in the 1998 World Cup that set the stage for France's victory:

It was what I call my Miles Davis moment...Footballers can be like artists when the mind and body are working as one. It is what Miles Davis does when he plays free jazz - everything pulls together into one intense moment that is beautiful. He doesn't have to think about it; it's pure instinct.

And on the failed 2001 attempt at a reconciliation match between France and Algeria:

With tears in his eyes, Thuram ran from the pitch, charging straight to the dressing room without speaking to anyone. 'What happened that night was a disaster,' he says. 'It was as if everything I have ever believed in was wrong. I hoped, and still hope, that races can live together, but that night I saw such anger and hatred that it made me afraid for the future.'

And Barca right-back, Catalan nationalist, and all-around political activist Oleguer--who drives not a fancy sports car, but a van--suffers for his stand taken against the Spanish judicial system, but reminds us

'If we want a better world, we all need to roll up our sleeves. It's easy to moan to your friends and then do nothing. The consequences I suffer are nothing compared to what many people go through.'
Even on the heels of yesterday's disastrous outing against Seville (and what the hell was the deal with the red card against Guily? Are they giving those out for breathing too hard in the other guy's direction now?), man, do I love this team.

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Good post. I found little information on the biographies of Miles Davis. Maybe someone will be interesting.