Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ESPN Hates The People

There's been plenty of excitement in the Champions League the last two days. Yesterday saw that splendid game winning free-kick by Celtic's Shunsuke Nakamura in the match against Manchester United--a bruising yet gratifying defeat that put the Celts top of their grouping and now forces Man U into another problematic situation that mirrors last year's ragged-ass fall from the group stage for Fergie's goal-impotent glory seekers--and then there were today's games in Group A between Werder Bremen vs Chelsea and Levski Sofia vs Barcelona. The Group A situation has been especially dicey for Barcelona, who've had a rather disappointing go of it in the tournament so far, and didn't especially play brilliant, pretty football this afternoon either. But they got the win with a nice early goal from the aging French gnome Giuly and another in the 65th minute from the young midfielder Iniesta, a player I'm increasingly becoming fond of (he scored a fine goal this past weekend in Barca's game against Mallorca). Barca's precarious situation in Group A was also predicated on how Chelsea fared against Bremen--a Blues victory would've helped Barca squeak into second-place. Unfortunately, Bremen won their match 1-0 and now Barcelona has to win their next match against the Germans . . . or else.

I would've loved to have watched some of the other matches today, but what with us being held hostage in the States, there was only one televised match all day (the Barca game, and that wasn't even live!). I know, I know, ESPN2 had much better things to broadcast--more poker, old college tackleball games, and the always mesmerizing possum relays--than another boring ninety of the people's game (our advertising revenue will plummet!). Anyway, the Liverpool game looked exciting (though the Reds ended up sustaining three injuries to their team) as did the Inter game, though I'm sure that wasn't as entrancing as I imagine it being, despite the Fabulous Crespo's magical slight-of-foot.

Matchday Six--December 5th and 6th. I'm ready. Hopefully ESPN will be as well.


bob said...

Meaningless college basketball....gotta hate it. If they don't show Barca-Bremen I might make a journey to Bristol and cause some trouble.

Derek said...

We'll be in the tank right behind you.

Anonymous said...

ESPN doesn't know what to do with soccer in the US. They don't understand how to present it, advertise it, or market it. Shows like PTI present soccer as an irrelevant sport. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Even worse are the commentators. I live all the way in New Zealand and our cable obliges me to listen to the same ESPN guys as you US residents.

Your description of Giuly had me laughing. The squad apparently calls him - you ready? - Freddie Mercury.

I...don't see it.

Derek said...


I don't see the Mercury comparison either. Perhaps if he grew a 'stache? Nah.